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Why sign up for the

one day Master class.  


  • You will learn the latest wedding hairstyle 
  • Preparing the hair for styling 
  •  The best product knowledge
  • Right product application on bridal hair 
  • How to face frame client face  
  • Right hair placement 
  • Pull & Twist technique
  •  Lock technique
  • How to add extension to hair
  • The right extensions length for styling 
  • How to create volume to hair 
  • How to achieve a clean & flawless finish
  • How to get HD look  
  •  Q&A session 

Enrolment Info: 27th of May. 6pm uk time, Ticket out now for a limited time will receive the list of products we are using and zoom link, will be sent to you  before the class 

 Early tickets £40.00

late tickets will be £50


 Style with Chris Becks  


Why sign up?                                 


  • Step-by-step live tutorial 
  • Learn the skills you need from the comfort of your home and take your career to the next level
  • Be part of hundreds of people around the world learning new skills  
  • Online reviews of your work by our me