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About Me


I’m proof that absolutely anyone can improve on their ability to become a good hairstylist.


Hello friends thanks for stopping by, my name is Christiana, but you might know me as chrisbecks, the founder of Hair by Chris Becks.

Whether you’ve already started a hairstyling business, but just aren’t seeing much improvement, or you want to start something new, but you're overwhelmed with the idea of stepping out and starting a business. This is where I can help you. 

I am a qualified hairstylist located in London and a mum of three children, trust me, it wasn't easy trying to build a business and raise my family at the same time. However, I have been doing hair now for more than 20 years.

With my years of experience, I have done it all! With my guidance you're going to be able learn all the tricks you need to become amazing at bridal hairstyling.

I started hairstyling many years ago in Africa. My passion for hair and everything related to it was so immense that I enrolled myself into hairdressing  school as soon as my kids were a bit older, to study advanced hairstyling (which I did for 3 years) so that I could receive the qualifications I needed to be able to help others that want the same dream as a hairstylist.

After working for a number of prestigious salons as a senior stylist, I finally decided it was time to go solo and started what is now hairbychrisbecks. .

With my role as a bridal hairstylist and teacher, I help hairstylists become better at what they do. I frequently share some of my work on YouTube and other social media platforms to help people that want to improve on their hairstyling skills.



Ready to tune your passion into making money. There are three ways to get started. 

One-on-One Class

Want to learn a specific technique or create a special wedding updo? Book a One-on-One lesson for personalized instruction.

Virtual Class

Learn a new hairstyles technique and practice along each time from the comfort of your home.

Private Event

Put your name down for the next group master class.

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